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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must’ve heard of the cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” by now. Cryptocurrency is virtual or advanced cash that appears as tokens or “coins.” While some cryptographic forms of money have wandered into the actual world with Mastercards or different activities, the vast, more significant part remains entirely virtual. After the advent of Bitcoin, many other online and offline groups joined the crypto bandwagon. With tens of thousands of cryptocurrencies or tokens now in circulation, let’s find out what the top five are.


Bitcoin was the principal digital currency that began the entire decentralization movement. Without bitcoin, cryptocurrency would probably not exist today. What made Bitcoin stand apart was the way it achieved trust or consensus in an anonymous and global world. As per Bitcoin, no user is taken at face value, and everything should be checked by open agreement, which is accomplished by a numerical cycle called “Proof of Work”. We will not get into how this POW works in this article, but in short, it is a way through which all the Bitcoin transactions that have ever happened get verified all over at each transaction in the ledger to make sure that it is valid. It was the primary piece of tech that guaranteed security over the web. As of this day, the market capitalization of the world’s top cryptocurrency is more than AUD $1 Trillion, with a cost for every coin of more than $76,000. Despite its fame, there is no actual evidence so far as to who Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, actually is, or whether he even exists.


Ethereum is an open-source, and public blockchain-based disseminated ledger for building decentralized applications. Thus, before the formation of Ethereum, blockchain applications were intended to make an exceptionally restricted arrangement of tasks. Vitalik Buterin, the driving force behind Ethereum, imagined his venture as a stage for engineers to compose programs on the blockchain. This was achieved with the execution of smart contracts, which is essentially a program that gets executed on the blockchain once its conditions are met. So essentially, this permits App designers to openly chip away at the blockchain without knowing its complexities by utilizing structures like Truffle.


Ripple is an ongoing gross settlement framework, cash trade, and settlement network made by Ripple Labs Inc., a US-based innovation organization. 

Ripple is based upon an appropriated open-source web convention and supports tokens addressing fiat cash, digital money, wares, or different units of significant worth like continuous flier miles or versatile minutes. It backs up the interaction of cross-line installments with its cheap exchange expenses and overly quick exchange times. In addition to that, what makes it uncommon is the agreement calculation utilized which is called Byzantine adaptation to non-critical failure, dependent on the Byzantine general issue. It’s a strategy for taking out flawed participators by achieving an agreement through a lion’s share survey. Despite its fame, Ripple is riddled with controversy and is not approved as an actual cryptocurrency in many circles since it does not obey the principal of decentralization.

Bitcoin Cash          

Bitcoins prominence soaring caused an arrangement of issues as far as adaptability. The number of transactions expanded significantly, the rate at which the blocks topped off was also growing. Usually, individuals needed to stand by until new blocks were made with the goal that their transactions would experience. This created an excess of deals; indeed, the best way to get your transactions processed on is to pay a sufficiently high exchange charge to pull in and boost the miners to concentrate on your transactions. 

To take care of this issue, Bitcoin experienced a hard fork, and Bitcoin Cash was conceived. This was finished with the execution of SegWit, which represents an isolated observer. 


EOS is a blockchain stage for the advancement of decentralized applications, like Ethereum in work. It makes app improvement a breeze by giving a working framework like arrangement of capacities and engineers’ libraries. 

EOS unites the best highlights and guarantees of the different keen agreement advancements out there, for example, the security of Bitcoin while keeping up the processing backing of Ethereum, in one easy to utilize, greatly adaptable app stage for the regular client. It gives a comprehensive working framework to decentralized applications zeroed in on the web with administrations like client validation, distributed storage, and worker facilitating.

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