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My Buddy Gard™

We provide a safety net using 4G GPS Trackers combined with our unique “Track Map” which offers an instant overview of where your loved ones and valuables are at all times.

Name of Business: My Buddy Gard™

Type of business : Tech and Software

Location: Victoria, Australia

Year founded: 2015

Contact Information: or +611300692833


Name of Owner(s): Erika Wager

1- Why did you choose to start this business?

It all began when my mum suddenly started getting panic attacks!

The first time I witnessed one of these attacks…I saw my mum change from a confident, strong woman to a frightened, frail, little old lady……I just wanted to take her in my arms and protect her….it was really scary!

At the time she lived on her own, so I packed her up and moved her in with me. About a year later through medication her panics attacks where more or less under control and she told me she wanted to live on her own again…she wanted her independence back!

I totally understood! and to be honest I kind of wanted mine back too! But how was I going to be there for her if and when she needed me?

Having built a successful business selling GPS trackers for cars, I saw the new personal trackers that were emerging as a perfect tool for me to help keep my mum safe and independent from afar…

Although the tracking industry was evolving quickly, I found that what was on the market was limited, so I built my own app! Not just any app, but a unique and customisable one, which I could personalise to receive alerts, how and when I wanted them, and most important, add my brother via his smart watch so I could see instantly which one of us was closer in case mum had an attack.

Tracker apps, personal trackers etc are not new but the ability to see everyone and everything on one map is unique.

So My Buddy Gard was born….

My Buddy Gard started with finding a solution for my Mum to keep her independence, but it didn’t take long to see that I could also help other people who look after their loved ones and gifting them all peace of mind, security and freedom!

2- What was the most difficult thing you had to do while starting up your business?

Challenges were around finding the right people and finance to build the Tracking Application in Australia.

3- What is the most rewarding part of owning/managing this business?

Helping families living with family members that have various Neuro Diverse conditions. Eg: Autism, Dementia, Alzheimers etc.
Providing peace of mind and security by utilising our products and services

4- If you were to start over, what would you change?

Organising the relevant contracts earlier. IE: IP Agreements, Telecommunication agreements etc.
Building and enforcing a quicker and more efficient roadmap around software development.

5- What inspires you to keep moving?

My biggest inspiration is to create Freedom for myself and others.

6- How do you manage between your business and personal life?

I am continuously learning to balance my time between business and personal life.
Meditation, Golf and travelling keeps me sane.

7- How do you deal with competition in your business?

There is competition in any business and you acknowledge that they exist and focus on doing what we do best.
Provide quality products, services and most importantly customer service.
Starting in a relatively new industry in wearable technology, it’s great to see there is competition and we are on the right track.

8- What is your advice for someone who is just starting or thinking of starting a new small business?

Just go for it!
Got to dream and have passion. Believe in the process and long term vision.
Do lots of research and don’t be scared to ask help from experts in their field.

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