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Let’s have a sustainable sleep with hemp bed sheets

Looking for new bedding and also need it to be fine, cozy, and eco-friendly? You’re able to complete your commitment to sustainable sleeping with hemp bed sheets. It’s true, you are able to polish your halo for hemp’s sustainable credentials: it produces twice the fiber yield of cotton per hectare and uses 30 percent less water to grow and 25 percent less water during production too.

As an all-organic green cloth raw material, hemp fiber applications are increasingly more comprehensive. This plant is clearly famous if you are a fast-growing plant that requires hardly any water without any dyes, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or even GMO seeds. Besides that, hemp fibers kill germs, and which makes them anti-microbial and longer-lasting than cotton garments.

But that is not all. If you are looking for some cold-weather bedding, hemp will be the perfect fabric since it works as a personal air conditioning system. Yes, that’s right, hemp can do that! And, no, sleeping under hemp bed sheets will not get you high.

Overall, it could keep you warm, which is very good during the winter season. If you want to discover why hemp bedsheets would be the very best purchase you can make today, keep scrolling!

When Was Hemp First Used?

First things first, let’s learn when and where it began. Well, for thousands of years, hemp has been traditionally employed as an industrial fiber. Sailors relied upon hemp cordage for advantage to keep their ship’s sails, and the coarseness of the fiber generated hemp of use for dye, sailcloth, sacks, rope, and paper. There’s even reference to hemp at the Vedas, referring to it as one of five sacred plants of India. In fact, hemp is native to India while the plant develops in the Northern state of Uttarakhand.

In the 16th century, King Henry VIII imposed penalties on farmers that had been growing hemp and in the 18th century, the American Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. And did you know that the very first Levi’s jean in the 1890s was made from hemp? Yes, we were pretty surprised once we find the astounding uses of hemp in the olden days.

Sometimes the most sustainable choice is one that’s pretty old-school. Hemp is just a textile that’s been around for centuries and happens to be one of the most sustainable cloth crops to grow. While better choices such as organic cotton are certainly a step up regarding your health insurance and impact on the surroundings, hemp sticks apart since it takes almost no water to cultivate and doesn’t require pesticides or herbicides.

Benefits of Hemp Bed Sheets

Hemp has Been an important raw material for fabric fibers as it has exceptional moisture absorption and beneficial properties such as air permeability, heat retention, higher temperature resistance, and insulation whilst playing as an anti-ultraviolet, anti-radiation, anti-mold, and anti-bacterial fabric.

And there’s more. Thus, let us Find out the main benefits of this sustainable fabric:

  • Gets softer wash after wash;
  • The long fibers make it strong and absorbent;
  • Infamously durable – hemp fiber can last up to three times longer than any other;
  • Hemp fibers hold their shape;   
  • Fibers breathe well and wick moisture;
  • Natural and very efficient insulator. Hemp fiber has the best heat capacity ratio compared to all other fibers. It means that the hemp fabric keeps the wearer cool in the summer and warm in the winter;
  • Lack of bleaching agents makes hemp fabric a good choice for those who have sensitive skin issues.

Why Hemp Bedding is A Perfect Choice This Winter

So, after all, why would hemp bed sheets make your bed convenient and transform your bedroom into a warm sanctuary all winter long?

Primarily, some bedding fabrics will keep you warm in winter among others will keep you cool through the summer, however, just some may do. Hemp is more acceptable for different times of the year since the fabric can adapt according to the body temperature.

The Special structure of the hemp fiber produces bedding that combines the effect of breathability with the capacity to jumpstart at the identical moment. This is a truly smart fabric, do not you believe?

In conclusion, hemp mattress sheets can maintain heat really well, letting you stay warmer in sunlight.

And Where Can You Find this Sustainable Fabric?

This versatile sheet includes all the amazing characteristics of this super fabric and will be looked after with great ease during all possible seasons. All in all, not merely is hemp a cushy, long-lasting fabric, but it’s also probably one of the very Eco-friendly plants in the entire world.

While we’re looking for more sustainable and health-conscious in all areas of life, one place we are extra vigilant concerning is our sleep space. Allow me to be healthy to the environment naturally, but we spend about a third of our own lives there, we want to make sure space is really as healthy as it might be for us too. We believe things like the indoor air quality, lighting (we are about some black-out curtains!), and also the clothes and fabrics we’re in close contact with all evening. Meaning We take extra consideration to our bedding and sheets and try to select the safest and most sustainable option.

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Originally posted on June 19, 2021 @ 9:38 am

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