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House of Linda Jewellery

I make jewellery using Swarovski Crystals, Freshwater Pearls, Hemitite (Iron Ore) and other semi precious stones. Most of my designs are one-off. I sell online through Etsy. Currently I have over 240 items listed including earrings, pendants, necklaces and bracelets.

Name of Business: House of Linda Jewellery

Type of business : Jewellery

Location: Alfords Point

Year founded: 2018

Contact Information: 0413 218 009 or


Name of Owner(s): Linda Rodden

Bio of Owner(s):

Previously I worked full time in the training field. I ran a Registered Training Organisation for the financial services industry for many years.

When it closed down I decided to turn my hobby of jewellery making into a small business which I could operate from home using online delivery.

1- Why did you choose to start this business?

I have always loved jewellery and making it for myself turned into a way of making some money whilst enjoying my hobby.

2- What was the most difficult thing you had to do while starting up your business?

I tried market stalls, but they were very unpredictable, mainly due to the weather – heat, cold, rain and wind, all factored in to each day. It was truly hit and miss. And the setting up and taking down of gazebos, tables, etc was physically very demanding.
3- What is the most rewarding part of owning/managing this business?

Being able to make jewellery when I feel like it.

Getting positive feedback from happy customers.

Doing something that I love!

4- If you were to start over, what would you change?

I would try and build up an online network to market my products online.

5- What inspires you to keep moving?

Keeping busy, making beautiful things and always having something available to give to a friend for a special occasion.

6- How do you manage between your business and personal life?

It’s very easy when you work from home and it is a part-time business.

And at the moment with people staying at home a lot more, my business never interferes with my personal life.

7- How do you deal with competition in your business?

Just accept there is a lot of competition in the jewellery business.

However, knowing my pieces are unique makes me feel that I am not really competing with others.

There are plenty of customers out there.

8- What is your advice for someone who is just starting or thinking of starting a new small business?

Do something you love, so that even if it takes a while to get noticed and make sales, you will still enjoy what you are doing.

Have faith in yourself and your products.

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Originally posted on January 25, 2021 @ 2:50 am

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