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There are many ways for you to gain exposure and increase your brand awareness by advertising on the Small Business Cafe. We also have many advertising options including the following:


We have banners placed at the top, right side, and bottom of our website, and you can hire them for your brand. They are usually shared with other advertisers, but we are happy to offer exclusive placement if required.
You can also hire the banner that we have on the weekly newsletter we send out.

Social Media

We have a thriving Facebook and Twitter accounts, that you can use to get your message out as a pinned post.

Featured Articles and Press Releases

We are happy to publish your press release or an article about your business in the featured section of our website, which is right under the "latest news" section. This article will also be shared on our Facebook page, Twitter account, and Linkedin company page.


We have a list of over 10,000 small business subscribers to our mailing list. We are happy to send a message to them on your behalf.

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