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7 Easy Tips to Grow your Mailing List

Do you want to grow your list of email subscribers? It is definitely hard to do it overnight, but we are here to rescue you by sharing some easy-to-follow ways to grow your mailing list.

For faster growth, it is essential to make it clear and offer the user multiple opportunities to subscribe to your email newsletter before they leave your site. Let’s consider some exciting ways to grow a mailing list.

Create excellent email content

You should give your entire content a distinctive look so the users can instantly subscribe to your list as soon as they read your content. It might be possible that they will forward your emails to other networks as well. 

Motivate your subscribers to share and forward your emails

You should enhance your website with some social media sharing buttons or add an “Email to a Friend” button within your marketing emails. This is how you can gain enough access to colleagues, friends, or other networks. Hence, this is the best option that will help you to expand the circle of your contact list. 

Segment your email lists by the buyer persona

You can use different types of the email subscriptions with which you can send more targeted content to the specific segments of your entire marketing personas. Email recipients will more likely click through the emails that are catering to their particular interests. If you create multiple and targeted subscription types, you will increase the overall chances of having more visitors subscribe to you.

Adding a link to your employees’ signatures

Hyperlinked email signatures will lead to the landing page where the user can quickly sign up for the mailing list. But if you are into a natural email conversation with them, then subscribing to more emails will turn out to be a natural next step.

Creating a new lead-generation offer 

You can develop a whitepaper or an e-book, which you can host on the landing page in which the visitor asks to provide the email address for downloading purposes. This whole process is known as “Gated Offer.” 

Creating a free online tool or resource

The free online tool makes your users’ lives more comfortable, and all they have to do is sign-up with their email address. This can be an excel sheet that helps them with a task or a free app or software that they can download.

Creating ‘Bonus’ Content

Not all gated content material is well worth it to a website visitor. To obtain their interest, you want to provide them free content material first. Start with a weblog that gives novice recommendations on a subject and then offer “bonus” content material with extra superior suggestions that they can get entry to by submitting their email tackle through a landing page.

Follow the tips mentioned above and give your mailing list a high growth and a tremendous visitor subscription!

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Originally posted on March 11, 2021 @ 11:53 am

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