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How to balance your small business and your family?

If you are starting your own new company, it is obvious to feel anxious and frustrated. It seems like you are growing up a baby and learning each step to grow even more. And amid the dedication and hard work to run a successful business, you might neglect your family a bit. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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hemp bed sheets
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Let’s have a sustainable sleep with hemp bed sheets

Looking for new bedding and also need it to be fine, cozy, and eco-friendly? You’re able to complete your commitment to sustainable sleeping with hemp bed sheets. It’s true, you are able to polish your halo for hemp’s sustainable credentials: it produces twice the fiber yield of cotton per hectare and uses 30 percent less water to grow and 25 percent less water during production too.

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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Digital marketing is a term that is interlinked with the marketing efforts across electronic devices. This digital marketing technology has also been focusing on the online platforms and the essential needs for digital marketing, which cannot be ignored.

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AidenGlam Fragrance
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As Aidenglam we make quality and long lasting oil based perfumes and sell them all around Zimbabwe and wish to sell internationally as well.

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Super Dad's Movement
Online Health and Fitness

Super Dad’s Movement

Online health and fitness business just for dads who are wanting to take back their health and fitness for themselves and their families.

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my buddy gard
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My Buddy Gard™

We provide a safety net using 4G GPS Trackers combined with our unique “Track Map” which offers an instant overview of where your loved ones and valuables are at all times.

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